History and fields of action

It all started in the mid '50s, when the senior members of the association founded the Agras Agricultural Credit Association, which was updated and renamed into Agras Agricultural Association in 1998. A lot of things have changed since then, but there is one value that has remained unspoilt by time and is interwoven  with the history of our land, passing almost naturally from generation to generation: our passion for cherries.

Our region and its development is highly associated with cherry production. What makes our cherries exceptional in taste is non other than the microclimate of the area, that renders it absolutely ideal for the particular cultivation. 

Through the passage of time, we expanded our network of producers with members from neighbouring areas (Edessa and Vegoritida), which are famous for their peach and apple cultivation. Lately, we have traded into chestnuts produced in mountainside Edessa.


The premises are located in the exit of the village of Agras in Edessa. Since last October, we have been expanding our facilities in order to meet more effectively the increasing needs of our field of action.